About us


In 2010 Stephanie moved True Cut Engraving to its current location at 403 SW 10th Street.  The corner location along Canyon Way in Newport is easy to find and near many other professional services.  On summer breaks and school holidays you may also find Stephanie's daughter, Annabelle helping with tasks around the shop.  Say hello to Daisy, too!

Engraving Processes


     At True Cut most of the engraving is done with a state of the art Laser Engraver, employing a high powered beam of light to remove material and reveal the graphics, text, and artwork featured in your engraving.  Along with this high tech method, we also work carefully to match engraving on your traditional trophies and perpetual plaques, using a diamond tipped tool to create fine lines and the classic look of engraved brass, copper, and aluminum.

     We also employ sublimation equipment, which allows the use of full color items in many awards.  Photo gifts and custom logo medals are just two examples of sublimated products that we provide. 

Custom made for you


One question we get often is, 'Do you have a catalog?'  And while, yes, we have catalogs showing all the different products, we don't always use a catalog or order-form type of approach.  Almost every item is built to order, using different components that are mixed and matched to make your item different from any other.   For example; plaques come in several styles of wood and finish, and the engraving is done on one of many decorative plates, with designs complementing the overall look. 


Taking a walk around the showroom, you can see different styles and colors, along with sample phrasing for awards, retirement, and gifts.

Everyone's favorite store greeter and alarm dog.  In her spare time, she enjoys soft couches and rolling in the grass. 

Owner of True Cut Engraving since 2010, Stephanie is involved in every project produced in the shop. 

Laser operator and graphic designer, David is an expert at preparing graphics for engraving.




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